TPLTECH Router Adapter for Comcast Xfinity Motorola/Arris Surfboard Netgear Linksys Asus TP-Link Docsis Cable Modem WiFi Wireless Router UL Listed 6.6Ft Power Supply Cord

Price: $10.28
(as of Nov 05,2019 00:17:04 UTC – Details)

TPLtech 12V2A Router Power Supply Adapter US Wall Plug Charger

Compatible Model List(Continued)
Netgear sa-12r-12 AUS 120120, 332-10006-01
Anthin Gfp101u-1210, Dv-1280-3
Rangemax Next Wnr834b, Wgt614, Wgt624, Wpn824, Pwr-10027-01, 332-10190-01, 332-10066-01, Mt12-y120100-a1, P/n: 332-10169-01, T012hs1209, 330-10025-01, Mwd48-1200800as, Fs116, Gs605, Wgt612, Wnr834, Wndr3300, T012lf1209
SAL018F1-NA 332-10375-01 ,GTV100, GTV100-100NAS
MBR624GU DGN1000-100NAS, WNDR3400, WNDR3700-100NAS, WNDR4000-100NAS
N150 N300 N600 DGN3500-100NAS

Linksys N750 EA8300 EA7500 E900 E1200 E1500 E2000 E2100l E2500 E3000-rm E3200 E4200 EA2700 EA3500 EA4500 EA6200 EA6350 CM3008 CM3016 CM3024 DPC3008 4400n 54gp D12-50-a Rt31p2 Rv042 Spa9000 Wag200g Wag300n Wag54g Wag54gs Wcg200 Wga54ag Wkpc54g Wps54gu2 Version 2 Wrk54g Wrp200 Wrt150n Wrt160n Wrt300n Wrt54g/s Wrt54gl Wrt54gs Whw0302 Whw0303

Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router V1.0 v1.1, v2.0, v2.2, v3.0, v3.1, v4, WRT54G-BP, WRT54G-TM, WRT54GL, WRT54GP2, WRT54GP2-CA, WRT54GP2-NA, WRT54GP2-VD, WRT54GX, WAG54G-ST v2

WCG200 Cable Modem, WCG200-CA, WCG200-CB,WCG200-CC WRT54GX2,WRT54GX2-CA, WRT54GX4, WRTP54G 802.11g Broadband WRTSL54G
RTP300, RTP300-VD, RV042,WAG54G, RT31P2-CA, RT31P2-NA, RT31P2-VD, RTP200

Cable Modem/SURFboard

NETGEAR CM400 (CM400-1AZNAS) CM600 CM700 Cable Modem,
Motorola/ARRIS Surfboard SB6141 SB6121 SB6120 SBG6580 SBG6580-2 Sb5101u Sb5101i Sb5100 Sb5120 Sb5101 SB6120 Sb6180 SB6182 SB6183 SB6190 Sbg901 Sbg900 SBG6400 SBG6700ACB G6782SBG6782-AC AC1600 SBG6700AC SBG6580-G228 (570763-006-00) SBG6782 Cable Modem dta-100 Comcast Xfinity
MOTOROLA 579765-003 2247-N8, SB5101U
Motorola MB7220 MB7420 MG7310 MG7315 MG7540 MG7550 MG7550-10 N300 N450
12V 2A Router DC Power Supply Adapter, Would Work with Most Router, Netgear, Linksys, Asus,Motorola, TP-Link, Motorola/Arris Surfboard Docsis Cable Modem Wife Router, Switch Etc.
Connector: Out 5.5mm, Inside 2.1mm Positive Center with Barrel Connector. Wire Length: 6.6FT
Premium Quality with UL Listed by USA Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL Number E472600. Could Be Verified on UL Website.SAFE with Multi Protection of Over-Voltage, Over-Charging , Short-Circuit, Over-Heat, Over-Current. 1 Year Warranty Period with Free Replacement. IF Do not Like This Item, Just Feel Free and Return it to us, We would Accept The Return Without Asking Question.
Compatible With Netgear N150 N300 N600 N450 N450-100NAS DGN2000-100NAS DGND3300-100NAS DGND3700 EX6200 EX6200-100NAS, Nighthawk X4 R7500 R7000 R7500-100NAS R7500-100NASBN3, ProSafe FVS318 GS108, GS108 CVD31T CVD31XB CVD31XT CMD31B CMD31T CME31T CGD24N CGE24N CG814CPR CG834WG CG3000 CG3100 CG3200 CG3300 CG2000 CG2100 CBVG834G CBVG834N MR814v1 MR814v3 FVS318v1 FVS318v2 FVS318v3 FVS336Gv2 FVG318v1 FVG318v2 GS116E WNDR3300v1 WNDR3300v2 WNR3500v1 WN802TV1 PE102 PS104 FR328S FV318 FR318 CG814M
CM212 RT338 RO318 RP114 HR314 WGR826V EN106TP FVL328 FVS124G FVS328 FWG114Pv1 FWG114Pv2 FWAG114 FVM318 SRXN3205 FVS318 FVS318G FVS338 CG3300D WG102 WG302v2 USRobotics Usr3453c Usr5686g Actiontec GT784WN C3000 AC2350 AC1900 NETGEAR CM400 CM500 CM500-100NAS CM600 CM600-100NAS CM700 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Netgear DSA-20P-10 332-10011-01 DSA-0151F-12 NetGear 8-Port 10/100 Switch (FS108) / AD898F20 Netgear sa-12r-12(Partial List,See Description For More)

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